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China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg alternator pulley

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Overview of Different Types of Pulleys

A pulley is a wheel mounted on a shaft or shaft. Its purpose is to facilitate the movement or change of direction of the cable or taut rope, and to transmit power between the cable and the shaft. Pulleys are typically used for lifting, winding or forklift applications. If you are building your own pulley system, the following design and installation considerations should be followed. This article will give you an overview of the different types of pulleys.

Pulley System Mechanics

There are many different ways to utilize the mechanism of the pulley system. The most basic pulley system consists of a fixed wheel and a support frame. Both components are connected by ropes or cables used to support the load. A pulley system is effective when the force required to lift the load is less than the weight of the object being lifted.
One way to use a pulley system is to suspend a block with a mass of 0.80 kg on a fixed pulley. Then another person can hang a bucket weighing up to 40kg. The weight of the bucket is transferred to the fixed pulley. The rope is attached to the pulley by a loop or sling. The rope will spin and pull on the barrel or block.
The pulley system is also an important tool for lifting heavy objects. Pulleys are often used in construction equipment to make lifting heavy objects easier. Gun tackles, yard tackles, and stationary tackle systems are common examples of these devices. They use the mechanical advantage of the design to guide the force that lifts the object. If you want to learn more about pulley systems, visit Vedantu. This website will provide you with a full description of the mechanism and its application.

Types of pulleys

Many different types of pulleys are used to lift heavy objects. They change the direction of the force and are an integral part of the cable system. Therefore, pulleys can move large and heavy objects more easily. However, before buying a pulley, you should have an idea of ​​the benefits it brings. Below are some of the most common uses for pulleys.
Conical Pulley: Consists of several small conical pulleys connected to each other. The larger base of one pulley is used to guide the force. Round pulleys are used in the same way as step pulleys. They are widely used in industry and can be purchased at any hardware store. Pulleys are a huge investment, and the benefits they provide far outweigh the cost.
Movable Pulls: These are similar to their names, but work by allowing objects to move with the pull. Their movable parts are attached to the object to be lifted. They are also ideal for lifting heavy loads and can be found in utility elevators and construction cranes. They are also used in many other industries. They can also be made of wood, plastic or metal. The type of pulley you use depends on its intended use.

Mechanical Advantages of Pulley Systems

A pulley system is a simple machine that reduces the effort required to lift heavy loads. This mechanical advantage is proportional to the number of loops. For example, if you have a single rope loop, you must apply equal force to lift the weight. When you add another rope loop, you can lift heavier weights just by applying the same force. Therefore, a pulley system is an excellent way to use gravity to your advantage.
Mechanical advantage is a measure of the effectiveness of a pulley system. This ratio of force to work is called the mechanical advantage. In other words, if the rope system has a large mechanical advantage, it means that it requires less force to lift heavier loads. This advantage is usually measured in kilograms and is the same for all pulley systems. In general, the greater the mechanical advantage, the less effort is required to lift the load.
The mechanical advantage of a pulley system is that a single movable pulley requires half the force to lift an object than a single fixed pulley. Assuming frictionless bearings, the MA of a single pulley system is 2, similar to the MA of a single lever. A single pulley travels twice as much as it takes to move heavy objects manually.

Considerations when designing and installing a pulley system

The capacity of the pulley depends on the type and diameter of the cable. Besides its diameter, its sheath should also support it well. The basic function of the pulley is also important. However, most people tend to ignore the pulley selection process, resulting in ineffective load-pull capabilities. To avoid such problems, different parameters must be carefully considered during design and installation.
During the design and installation of the pulley system, the ratio of the cable diameter to the largest pulley diameter must be considered. Those who work in the industrial sector will have an idea of ​​this ratio. The greater the D:d ratio, the greater the capacity of the cable to withstand the load. The best way to ensure secure design is to take the right information and use it to design a system that is both robust and secure.
When designing a pulley system, it is important to remember that the pulley needs to have enough power to operate safely. In addition to horsepower, the belt should have sufficient elongation to absorb shock loads. If the elongation of the belt is very small, it is very likely that the teeth will be sheared or broken, causing serious damage to the system. Extensive belt sag should be compensated for by offsetting the driven pulley. Finally, the frame supporting the pulley should be rigid. Otherwise, the non-rigid frame will cause center distance and tooth skipping changes.

Add more pulleys to the system

Adding more pulleys to the spool might have some effect. The friction between the rope and the pulley increases with the number of pulleys, which in practice limits the number of spools. The best solution is to combine the pulleys into one housing. If the load is small enough, adding a few pulleys probably won’t make a difference.
Using multiple pulleys allows a single load to be lifted with half the force required. The longer the rope, the greater the mechanical advantage. In fact, a spool can withstand a load of 100 N. Additionally, adding more pulleys quadrupled the mechanical advantage. In this case, a single 100 N load would require a force of 25 Newtons.
When the rope is used, it stretches as the weight of the object increases. This will make the rope longer, increasing its length and increasing the distance over which the load can be lifted. Eventually, the rope will break and the lifted object will fall. Then you will have to buy a new rope. It may seem like an expensive proposition, but it pays off in the long run.

cast iron pulley

Cast iron pulleys are the most popular choice among industrial users. They are made of solid cast iron and usually cost very little. Their rims are held in place by a mesh that extends from a central boss. They also have spokes and arms that hold them in place. These pulleys are ideal for a variety of applications including fan belts, compressors and conveyors.
V-groove drive pulleys are ideal for general purpose pulleys. It has an inner diameter of one inch and is commonly used in feeders and ventilation curtain systems. Its steel straps prevent rust and ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards. 3-1/2″ cast iron pulleys are also available. In addition to the V-groove drive pulley, there are similar pulleys for power transmission. The V-groove drive pulley is powder coated for added durability.
The cross section of the arm is elliptical, with the long axis twice as long as the short axis. The radius of the arm is equal to the diameter of the pulley. The thickness of the arm is a key factor to consider when purchasing a pulley. If you’re not sure which material you need, you can always consider wooden or steel pulleys. They are lighter and have a higher coefficient of friction than metal pulleys.

timing pulley

Plastic timing pulleys have many advantages over steel timing pulleys. On the one hand, they are lightweight and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for applications that do not require high torque and tensile strength. Another benefit is their resistance to high temperatures. Plastic timing pulleys are ideal for applications involving flammable gases, solvents or particles. They can last for many years. For more information on the different types of plastic timing pulleys.
Vertical shaft drives require flanged timing pulleys. For large span drives, at least one of these pulleys must be flanged. The flange provides a secure connection to the shaft and prevents ratcheting of the timing belt. Finally, HTD timing belt teeth prevent timing belt ratcheting. These teeth need a large enough space to be seated. However, they can also cause a backlash. These pulleys are not suitable for applications where positional accuracy is critical.
Timing belt systems are designed to avoid such problems. The drive shaft and the driven shaft are aligned with each other. The pulleys are located on different planes and are connected by pitch lines. The pitch line of the timing pulley coincides with the pitch line of the belt. These pulleys are also easier to implement and maintain. It is better to use a synchronous system because the resulting gear system emits less noise than other systems.

China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg     alternator pulley	China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg     alternator pulley
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China 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 ton Tone manual electric hand stainless steel block hand Manual Hoist stainless steel chain Block hoist pulley design

Relevant Industries: Hotels, Garment Retailers, Constructing Substance Retailers, Equipment Fix Retailers, Production Plant, Meals & Beverage Factory, Farms, Cafe, Property Use, Retail, Foodstuff Shop, DEAUTO Large High quality Travel Shaft Outer CV Joint TO-04 N-1051 With Abdominal muscles For Automobile Elements Printing Stores, Development works , Power & Mining, Food & Beverage Stores, Advertising and marketing Company
Showroom Location: None
Situation: New
Usage: Construction Hoist
Electrical power Resource: Hand Chain
Sling Variety: Chain
Elevate Speed: Guide
Guarantee: 1 12 months
Equipment Examination Report: Presented
Video outgoing-inspection: Offered
Marketing Type: Normal Merchandise
Guarantee of core components: 1 Yr
Core Parts: Bearing, Pump
Excess weight (KG): twenty five kg
Following-product sales Support Provided: Overseas 3rd-celebration support obtainable
Shade: Customized coloration offered
Model Amount: HS-T
Chain: CZPT Load Chain
Voltage: 220V
Application: Lifting Items
Lifting capability: 3-ten Ton
Feature: Tough
Material: stainless steel
Packaging Details: Carton
Port: ZheJiang

.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 ton Tone handbook electrical hand stainless steel block hand Handbook Hoist stainless metal chain Block hoist Function
1.small size,mild weight
two.manufacturer jinyanghu
3.provide blended series lifting chain hoist

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What Is a Pulley?

The pulley is a wheel mounted on a shaft or axle. Its purpose is to support the movement of a cable that is taut. This cable transfers power to a shaft. However, there are certain safety precautions that you should follow when using a pulley. Read on to learn more! Listed below are common uses and their main parts. Listed below are some of the benefits of using a pulley.

Common uses of a pulley

A pulley is a common mechanical device used to increase the force needed to lift a heavy object. Most commonly, these devices are used in construction equipment. These machines use high-tension ropes to transfer heavy objects from one floor to another. Other common uses of a pulley include buckets and flagpoles. These devices are extremely useful in a wide range of applications. To learn more about the common uses of pulleys, keep reading.
A pulley is a wheel with grooves for holding rope. Its purpose is to change the direction and point at which a pulling force acts. It is usually used in sets to reduce the amount of force needed to lift a load, but the work involved is similar. Pulleys are also used in rock climbing devices. For many applications, a pulley is a vital part of construction.
The most common use of a pulley involves hoisting and lowering a flag. Other examples include clotheslines, bird feeders, and escalators. Pulleys are also commonly used on oil derricks. Many other common applications include hoisting and lowering garage doors. Pulley systems are also used in engines and cranes. For more information, check out our interactive pulley diagram!
Pulleys can also be used to lower total work required for a task. In many cases, a pulley will consist of two parts: the pulley hub and the shaft pulley. The hub clamps the shaft pulley, while the pulley itself is connected to the motor or other device. If you’re looking for a pulley, it’s important to learn how it works.
The most common uses for a pulley involve lifting heavy objects, and the mechanism used to lift them is known as a pulley. A pulley is an industrial device that uses two wheels to reduce the force needed to lift a weight. The pulley reduces this force by half by allowing the user to pull on the rope four times as far. The pulley also allows for a smaller lifting distance.

Main parts of a pulley

A pulley consists of the main element of a system. This is typically a cable, rope, belt, or chain. There are two basic types of pulleys – a Driver Pulley and a Follower Pulley. Pulleys are available in small and large sizes. The periphery part of the pulley is called the Face, and the protruding middle part is called the Crown. A pulley’s face can be round, rectangular, or even “V” shaped.
The first pulley was created by the Greek mathematician Archimedes in the third century BCE. These simple machines are made of a rope, an axle, and a wheel. The pulley’s end is attached to a person, object, or motor. These machines can be used in various tasks to lift heavy objects. The pulley is a great mechanical advantage for any lifter.
The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley is defined by the number of rope segments that pull an object. The higher the number of loops on the rope, the higher the mechanical advantage. The greater the mechanical advantage, the less force is required to move the object. Likewise, the greater the distance the rope traverses, the higher the mechanical advantage of a pulley. There are several different types of pulley, depending on their combination of rope, wheel, and rope.
The basic components of a pulley are the face and hub, and the rope is threaded into the center of the pulley. The pulley is usually made of a rope and can be used to lift heavy weights. It can also be used to apply great force in any direction. Step pulleys have multiple faces, which are fixed in sequence. They can also increase the speed of the driven pulley.
A pulley is a simple machine consisting of a wheel, rope, or chain. These parts are crucial for making moving and lifting easier. Because they change the direction and magnitude of force, they can be a useful tool. Some pulleys even change direction. You can learn more about the pulley by downloading this resource today. The resources are designed to support the new 9-1 GCSEs in Design & Technology and Engineering.

Mechanical advantage

Pulleys have been used to move heavy objects for centuries. When two rope sections are used, the weight of a 100kg mass can be moved with only 500 newtons of force. Adding an extra pulley increases the mechanical advantage. If the pulley has two wheels, the distance between the rope sections and the wheel grooves is only half the distance, but the mechanical advantage still applies. Adding another pulley increases the mechanical advantage, but can be risky.
Mechanical advantage is the ratio of force used versus force applied. The calculations are made under the assumption that the ropes and weights do not elongate or lose energy due to friction. If the weights are very light, the mechanical advantage is greater than that in the real world. To calculate the mechanical advantage, the weight of the load to be lifted must be the same as the weight of the person using the pulley.
A single moveable pulley has a mechanical advantage of two. The weight passes around the pulley, and one end of the rope is attached to a fixed point. The pulling force is then applied to the other end of the rope. The distance the weight travels doubles, or halved, depending on the direction of the pulley. Adding a second pulley reduces the distance and the effort required to lift it.
There are several ways to calculate the mechanical advantage of a pulley system. Some methods are specific to certain types of systems, while others work for all systems. The T-Method is a good choice in many applications, as it calculates the units of tension for each rope segment. Once you have determined the input force, you need to determine the maximum force that will be applied to each component. A compound pulley, for example, will require 4 units of tension for each rope segment.
In simple terms, the effort is the amount of force needed to lift the load. This force is measured in newtons (N). A mechanical advantage is often presented without units. If the student does not have this unit, you may need to convert the units to newtons, since one kilogram is equal to 10 newtons. If you can’t figure out the units of effort, you can use the KWL chart provided by the teacher.

Safety precautions

There are a few safety precautions you should take when using a pulley. First, always check the SWL (safe working load) before attaching anything to the pulley. This indicates the maximum weight and angle the pulley can safely handle. Second, make sure that your work area is free from people and debris. Third, wear a hard hat to protect your head from blows and falling objects.
Another important consideration is anchoring. Although the pulley reduces the weight of an object, it is not enough to eliminate the weight. This is especially true if you are hoisting a heavy object, such as a motorcycle or lawnmower. It is important to ensure that the anchoring point can support the entire weight of the load. It is also important to follow proper anchoring procedures when using a pulley to lift a motorcycle or lawnmower.
In addition to the safety latch, you should use a tag line to control the suspended load. Remember that a chain pulley block is necessary for vertical lifting. You should also wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while using a pulley to avoid injuries. If your workplace does not have an PPE policy, you should consider implementing a similar policy. These safety guidelines are a good start.
If you are using a pulley to lift heavy objects, make sure to wear gloves. Those who are not familiar with rope-pulling will have an easier time demonstrating how it works. If you are using a rope-pulley system in a classroom, be sure to follow lab safety guidelines. Wear cloth gloves, clear the area, and do not jerk the rope. In addition, never allow yourself to be pulled into the rope by an unfamiliar person.
Another important safety precaution when using a pulley is to ensure that the anchor point for your system is adequate to support the weight of the object being lifted. Check with the manufacturer of the pulley to find out what its weight limit is, as some types of pulleys are designed to lift much heavier weights than others. It is important to follow all manufacturer’s instructions when using a pulley.

China 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 ton Tone manual electric hand stainless steel block hand Manual Hoist stainless steel chain Block hoist     pulley design	China 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 ton Tone manual electric hand stainless steel block hand Manual Hoist stainless steel chain Block hoist     pulley design
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in Bacoor Philippines sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 1 Ton Pulley Block Electric Chain Hoist manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Bacoor Philippines  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1 Ton Pulley Block Electric Chain Hoist manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

our goods are selling effectively in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces. We also can design and make non-regular products to satisfy customers’ specific needs. High quality and credit are the bases that make a company alive. Electric powered EPTT EPT / Block
Electrical EPT hoist is used in mould machining, EPTTry, manufacturing, EPT functions, warehousing, roads amp bridges, development websites, shipbuilding and other EPTT reasons in sector and factory.

Quickly lifting speed, practical operation and gorgeous physical appearance
Its EPT overloading protection defense location and EPT EPTT very hot security setting make confident of the larger trustworthiness of this item
It is extensively used in lifting ligEPTT and modest products.It can also be utilised in reduced-amount place materials circulation program by mating with aerial travelling crane gear
This product attests to be successful gear which can increase working condition and boost labor efficiency, Optional wi-fi distant controller

Quick lifting pace,hassle-free procedure and lovely physical appearance.
Its EPT overloading security safety placing and EPT EPTT hot safety setting make confident of the higher dependability of this merchandise.
It is widely used in lifting ligEPTT and modest goods.It can also be utilized in minimal-level area materials circulation technique by mating with aerial travelling crane tools.
This product attests to be efficient products which can improve working problem and increase labor performance, Optional wi-fi remote controller.

Normally Suuplied with our Brand EPTT, OEM is also avilable.

Information SHEET

Capacity(t) .five one two 3 five
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd lift(m) 3 3 three three
EPT speed(m/min) 7 7 3.5c 2.3 two.6
Running EPT EPTT(Kw) .two .2 .three .four .4
EPT EPT EPTT(Kw) .eight 1.six one.six one.six 3
EPTT offer 3Phase/380V/50Hz
insulation grade F
Ranking forty%
Spec.of load EPT phi0.71×21 phi9x27
No.of EPT 1 one two 3 three
Managing test load(t) .625 one.twenty five two.five three.seventy five 6.twenty five
Travelling pace(m/min) 20 twenty twenty fifteen 15
I-Beam Width(mm) seventy four-124 seventy four-124 seventy four-124 102-152 102-152
Duration of lable(m) 2.5 two.5 2.five 2.five three
Web fat(Kg) 83 ninety ninety five a hundred thirty one hundred seventy
Additional weigEPTT Per meter of extra raise(Kg) one.one 1.1 two.two 3.3 five.two
Minimal distance in between hooks(mm) 520 520 640 720 900
Dimension A(mm) 245 245 245 245 265
B(mm) 245 245 245 245 265
C(mm) 710 710 710 710 950
D(mm) 490 490 490 490 530
E(mm) forty forty 40 forty 52
F(mm) 34 34 forty forty five fifty

*EPT EPT can be altered according client’s need up to 15 metres (49 ft).

If you require a lot more details or have any concerns, please really feel totally free to get in touch with us, we are a lot more than delighted to do any assist. Many thanks!

  in Bacoor Philippines  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1 Ton Pulley Block Electric Chain Hoist manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bacoor Philippines  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1 Ton Pulley Block Electric Chain Hoist manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Belo Horizonte Brazil sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 1000kg Chain Hoist Vd Type Hand Pulley Chain Block manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Belo Horizonte Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1000kg Chain Hoist Vd Type Hand Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

There is a technical heart of province degree, EPG academician doing work station, experiment station for EPG submit medical professionals, and nationwide 863 program set up in EPG group. With these platforms and sturdy technical ability, the much more than four hundred technicians have created all range of unique high precise and higher toughness goods, executed mould programs for key factors in the auto and national market revitalizing plan, resulting far more than 5000 produced over, between which 33 objects are autonomous patent technologies with 4 patent authorized . Our item variety includes all sorts of helical gear, spur equipment, bevel equipment, equipment rack, worm equipment, sprockets,chains, bearings. we supply chromed bar and tubes for hydualic and pheumatic cylinders.

Hand pulley blocks manual EPT block

EPT pulley blocks handbook EPT block parameter

Model VC-B .5 VC-B one VC-B 1.five VC-B 2 VC-B 3 VC-B 5 VC-B ten VC-B twenty VC-B 30 VC-B fifty
Capacity(t) .5 1 1.five 2 three 5 10 20 thirty fifty
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd carry(m) 2.5 two.five 2.5 three 3 3 3 3 3 3

Working examination load


.75 1.5 2.twenty five three 4.5 seven.five 15 thirty forty five seventy five

1. EPT top quality, affordable, protected and dependable hand EPT block.
2. Featuring a fall cast load hook to avert snapping when overloading.
3. Manufacturing facility analyzed and certified.
4. Warmth dealt with for higher toughness and to avoid use.
five. The opening of the hooks has been created wider for less complicated managing and doing work.
6. Trustworthy disk brake and top quality quality alloy EPT.
7. Heat handled for higher power and to avoid use.

Hand pulley blocks guide EPT block Object and depth

Hand pulley blocks manual EPT block manufacturing process

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one. We can make EPTT sample in accordance to the customer’s necessity.
two. We have more than 50 professional technological team, give greatest soon after-sales support.
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four. We have CE, TEPTTand GS certification.

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  in Belo Horizonte Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1000kg Chain Hoist Vd Type Hand Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Belo Horizonte Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1000kg Chain Hoist Vd Type Hand Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Lomba supplier made in China – replacement parts – in Leon de los Aldamas Mexico Manufacture Hand Chain Lift Pulley Block Stage Light Manual Hoist with top quality

Lomba  supplier  made in China - replacement parts -  in Leon de los Aldamas Mexico  Manufacture Hand Chain Lift Pulley Block Stage Light Manual Hoist with top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

1. 1 of conquer promoting hoist
two. Capacity ranges from .5t to 20t, large duty 30t,50t is available
three. Heavy duty and compact design to meet up with all pertinent operate common
four. Reliable disc brake, quality quality alloy load chain and zinc plated hand chain as standard
5. Drop-solid and expertly warmth handled hooks for excellent power and lengthy donning

Technological Advantages
1. Mild excess weight robu EPT development
two. Minimal work to carry greatest load
three. Totally solid hooks
4. Entirely devices raise wheel
five. ISO high quality alloy chain
six. Zinc plated hand chain as regular
7. Double cover defense
8. Durable baked enamel paint protection
9. Overload safety device obtainable on ask for.

Model SLH-.5B SLH-1B SLH-1.5B SLH-2B SLH-3B SLH-5B SLH-10B SLH-20B SLH-30B SLH-50B
Capacity(t) .five 1 one.five two 3 5 ten 20 thirty fifty
Lifting height(m) two.5 two.5 2.5 3 3 3 3 three three three
Te EPT load(kn) seven.five 15 22.5 45 45 sixty two.five one hundred twenty five 250 375 625
Load chain Dia.(mm) six. six. eight. 8. 8. 10. 10. 10. 10. 10.
No. of falls one 1 one one two 2 four 8 twelve 22
The distance of hand chain pulling when lifting height go up 1 meter(mm) 32 forty two. 72 72 one hundred forty four 158 316 636×2 948×2 1738×2
Force(N) two hundred(20.5) 320(32.5) 360(36.5) 365(37) 385(39) 435(44.3) 435(forty four.3) 435×2(44.3×2) 435×2(44.3×2) 435×2(44.3×2)
Net weight(kg) eight.four eleven 16.2 eighteen.5 25.6 42.8 seventy nine.five 193 220 1092
Dimensions(mm) A 131 one hundred forty 161 161 161 186 207 215 350 406
B 127 158 187 187 210 253 398 650 680 962
C 270 317 399 414 465 636 798 890 1380 2578
D 35 40 45 fifty 58 sixty four eighty five a hundred and ten one hundred ten 170
K 30 34 38 forty one forty eight fifty two sixty four eighty five 85 130
Packing measurement(cm) 22x15x19.five 23x18x19.five 28x21x24 28x21x24 32x21x26 40x21x31 64x21x21 64x38x64 72x50x68 110x100x130


   EPT Lifting is a manufacturing and trading company started in 2002 and positioned in HangZhou Town, specializing in the style and manufacture of lifting equipment, products and various factors.
  Our products have been exported to far more than fifty countries and locations in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa and South The usa for more than 10 several years.
  Offering large quality and reliable merchandise and fa EPT and effective services is our procedure priciple. All our goods are produced under rigid quality control and inspected. Mo EPT of our creation services go ISO 9001:2008 accredited and mo EPT of our items go CE, TUV, EPT qualified.
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We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 diverse branches. For more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of original gear manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our company and the listed substitute elements contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or created by the OEM.

Lomba  supplier  made in China - replacement parts -  in Leon de los Aldamas Mexico  Manufacture Hand Chain Lift Pulley Block Stage Light Manual Hoist with top quality

Lomba  supplier  made in China - replacement parts -  in Leon de los Aldamas Mexico  Manufacture Hand Chain Lift Pulley Block Stage Light Manual Hoist with top quality