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Product content: HT200

Appropriate for: mechanical lathes

Product introduction: the rewards of pulley travel: pulley push can ease the effect of load Pulley drive managing smoothly, reduced sound, low vibration The framework of the pulley push is straightforward and simple to modify. Pulley transmission for pulley production and set up precision is not as stringent as meshing transmission The pulley transmission has the purpose of overload defense The adjustment selection of middle length amongst two shafts of pulley transmission is big. The negatives of belt push are: pulley travel elastic sliding and skid, lower transmission efficiency and can not preserve exact transmission ratio When the pulley transmission transmits the identical huge circumferential power, the contour dimension and the strain on the shaft are larger than that of the meshing transmission. Pulley generate belt has shorter existence

Product name: pulley

Variety size: different versions (can be custom-made)

Content: cast iron/solid steel /(can be custom-made)

Regular type: nationwide standard

Relevant machine: CNC lathe


Pulley, belongs to the wheel hub class components, typically relative dimension is comparatively huge, the production approach is generally cast, forging. The basic dimensions of the bigger design for the casting technique, the materials is generally forged iron (casting overall performance is good), not often cast steel (metal casting functionality is not very good) Normally small measurement, can be created for forging, the content is metal

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Transmit electricity

Generation demands

Pulley content and manufacturing needs

one. The belt pulley employed for the ventilator is produced of gray solid iron HT200,HT250, etc. (but metal, copper, aluminum, and so on., can also be employed in accordance to client requirements).

2. The pulley need to meet up with: mild bodyweight, uniform mass distribution, get rid of the interior pressure produced in the manufacturing, pulley should be static equilibrium correction.

The belt specification

The requirements of the triangle belt are divided by the measurement of the again width (top width) and the top (thick). In accordance to the diverse size of the again width (best width) and the height (thick), the nationwide regular supplies the O, A, B, C, D, E and other types of the triangle belt. The segment width, leading width and top of every kind of the triangle belt are not the same. So the pulley need to be produced in accordance to the form of the triangle belt a assortment of groove These various slots. It determines the pulley O pulley, A pulley, B pulley, C pulley, D pulley, E pulley and other sorts of pulley.

Redirect your twin climbing traces with ISC’s dual redirect pulley. This is the simplest way to redirect double lines, with swinging aspect panels and aspect-by-facet aluminum pulleys. With the wiggling cheek layout, this enhances the redirect set up nicely. Switch on the pulley, tap the rope on the two legs to connect it and redirect it to the greatest line angle for much more effectiveness. The sloped design and style of the higher panel keeps the rope pulley and running appropriately. Created of light-weight aluminum, this pulley is lovely and compact, so it is not going to just take up also considerably space on your belt.

China wholesaler Hot Sales SPA, Spb, Spc, Spz European Standard Taper Bore V Belt Pulley     Professional