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Item Description

Solution details

Item content: HT200

Suitable for: mechanical lathes

Solution introduction: the rewards of pulley drive: pulley travel can relieve the effect of load Pulley travel operating easily, minimal noise, lower vibration The framework of the pulley travel is easy and simple to change. Pulley transmission for pulley producing and set up accuracy is not as rigorous as meshing transmission The pulley transmission has the purpose of overload protection The adjustment variety of middle distance between two shafts of pulley transmission is large. The drawbacks of belt travel are: pulley push elastic sliding and skid, reduced transmission effectiveness and can not sustain accurate transmission ratio When the pulley transmission transmits the identical huge circumferential drive, the contour dimension and the stress on the shaft are bigger than that of the meshing transmission. Pulley drive belt has shorter daily life

Product identify: pulley

Variety dimension: numerous models (can be personalized)

Materials: solid iron/forged steel /(can be personalized)

Standard variety: countrywide normal

Applicable machine: CNC lathe


Pulley, belongs to the wheel hub class areas, usually relative size is reasonably large, the manufacturing process is usually forged, forging. The basic measurement of the larger style for the casting technique, the material is normally solid iron (casting efficiency is great), seldom solid steel (steel casting overall performance is not very good) Typically little dimensions, can be created for forging, the material is steel

The standard details

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Transmit electrical power

Generation needs

Pulley content and generation requirements

1. The belt pulley employed for the ventilator is manufactured of gray forged iron HT200,HT250, and many others. (but metal, copper, aluminum, etc., can also be utilized according to customer demands).

two. The pulley ought to satisfy: gentle weight, uniform mass distribution, eradicate the internal pressure made in the production, pulley should be static equilibrium correction.

The belt specification

The specs of the triangle belt are divided by the dimension of the back width (leading width) and the peak (thick). In accordance to the various dimension of the back again width (best width) and the peak (thick), the countrywide regular provides the O, A, B, C, D, E and other designs of the triangle belt. The segment width, best width and top of every variety of the triangle belt are not the very same. So the pulley should be manufactured according to the condition of the triangle belt a range of groove These various slots. It establishes the pulley O pulley, A pulley, B pulley, C pulley, D pulley, E pulley and other kinds of pulley.

Idler: A pushed wheel that does not transmit electrical power through a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are linked to other products, these kinds of as wheels or drives, by means of driveshafts.

China factory Hot Sale European Standard SPA Spb Spc Spz Cast Iron Taper V Belt Pulley with Taper Bush     manufacturer